lundi 21 septembre 2009

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  1. This is such a beautiful picture!! Happy Autumn to you too! :) And it looks like you had an amazing time in the Pyrenees, somewhere I have always wanted to go... love the picture of you with the heart in the tree. As for London, my favourite thing to do is walk from Waterloo, over the bridge, through Trafalgar Square and all the way to Fortnum and Mason's, the most incredible and amazingly English, bright turqoise department store! There's a very cute little market in the gardens just next door to it, too, with beautiful leatherbound writing books, jewellery etc. Quite close to that is the Ritz, where you could have afternoon tea, and then of course there is Oxford Circus with the gigantic Topshop! 5 floors of heaven! If you're going in late November, you could check if iceskating is open at Shoreditch House, too, because they put a rink out in winter, which is beautiful! And I, being biased, would recommend a daytrip to Cambridge! ^^ Wow, sorry, that's a LOT of tips! xx

  2. PS. No, I hadn't seen that video before! Thank you so much! In fact, a friend clicked the link in the comments before I had even seen it, and called me in excitement!


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